Keynote Speaking

“I’ve filmed a lot of these conferences, and for you to have the worst spot of the conference and to get a standing ovation is ridiculous. Clearly, you’re a professional, but I just want to point out for these types of conferences it’s unheard of.”

-Email from a staff videographer,  following a keynote address


For his entire life, Jamie D. Grant - Artist, Author, Magician, Paramedic, and Motivational Speaker-  has dedicated himself to the pursuit of a single goal: to improving the lives of every single person he meets. Whether it's through his speaking, his "Anything is Possible" bottles, his books, or the lives he's touched in person; Jamie has dedicated himself to sending joy, happiness, and kindness into the world that surrounds us.

Join us in listening to his keynote address, where he will change the very fabric of your organization or company through the skills and techniques he will teach and share; from realizing that kindness is your greatest asset to turning every person in the room into an actual superhero.

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